Essential Things To Know About Travel to Grenadines

Are you a savvy traveller?  Travelling around the world is probably one of the best things everyone can experience. However, not everybody in the world is given the means to set foot on their dream destination. So if you finally have the budget, you should take into considering this one of the beautiful places in the world – The Grenadines!

If it is your first time to hear about this gem in the Caribbean, here are some things you need to know before going to Grenadines.

· Grenadines is not that expensive.  You can have a decent room for just $100 in this beautiful city. Accommodations in Grenadines range from small inns and guest house houses.  You will never run out of options whether you are going alone or you are with your significant others.

· You don’t have to exchange your money with other currency when you reach Grenadines. Dollars are widely accepted in the city but you need to make sure that you have extra cash on hand. Most of the people in the Grenadines don’t know what ATMs are.  It is also hard to find ATMs in the area which would require you to prepare some cash before you travel to the country.

· The best way to visit Grenadines is between May and December when the weather is moderately humid.  You can head to the Tobago Cays, which is a legendary snorkeling destination in the country. Another diving destination is the Horseshoe Reef that offers a colorful dive. Just make sure you have complete gears to keep you safe in your adventures.

· Grenadines is the best jump-off point to set sail to the most beautiful remote destinations.  There are three bareboat charters on three islands including St. Vincent, Bequia, and Union. When you arrive at a perfect time, you can actually charter a sailboat and sail around the fantastic ocean of the Caribbean.

· You will never go hungry when in Grenadines.   Island food runs toward spicy fried chicken and beef with rice.  Grenadine’s speciality includes Italian gourmet. You can choose between exotic and casual sea foods. This place is not just about cruising and sailing. It’s also about going into adventures with food.

Grenadines is one of the best destinations in the world whether you want to relax or have an adventure.  We hope that these tips will be useful for your trip. Enjoy your vacation!

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