Top Things to Do in Greenland


First individuals likely came to Greenland by the kayaks. Thusly it is one of the most seasoned and fundamental methods for transportation. Today there are various organizations that lease present day kayaks for the sightseers. The sensational shoreline gives extraordinary locales, that incorporate chunks of ice, northern settlements, whales, seals and different birds.

Aurora Borealis

This is another Nordic country, which is pleased to encounter this extraordinary marvels. The Northern Lights show up from early fall and can be seen through all April. It is undetectable in summer, in view of the 12 PM Sun. As indicated by the Inuit legend, this is an appearance of the dead playing football with a skull of a walrus.

Canine Sledding

Sightseers can go snowmobiling or skiing in Greenland, yet nothing thinks about to the old practice of voyaging – canine sledding. Canines are man’s dearest companions and it is a remarkable encounter of uniting. Other than these lovable canines love difficult work, to have and cold fevers. Other than they know the snow – sled canines realize where ice is excessively meager and don’t go there.

Go on a Cruise

Investigating Greenland from water is a fun and genuine experience. Mariners not exclusively can see the rough and frosty shoreline, yet additionally arrive at different urban areas and settlements, since they are set up on the coast. Different travels will give various schedules, contingent upon your inclinations. Marine creatures like whales and seals additionally are important for the remarkable site.


Presently, Greenland is glad for its pristine nature. What’s more, don’t get the feeling that it is completely canvassed in ice and snow. There is a rough surface, that gives energizing climbing trails and Arctic greenery during mid year months. Local people love their temperament and outside exercises – even the towns appear to be less metropolitan and nearer to the mountains, ocean, lakes and valleys.


Established in 1894, Tasiilaq is the greatest town in Eastern Greenland. Situated on the expense and ignoring the ocean, the port city and its unique beautiful houses invite sightseers lasting through the year. Tasiilaq has just 2000 occupants, accordingly one can in any case track down a peaceful escape even in this generally bustling city.

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